Printable Worksheets for kindergartens

Printable worksheets for kindergartens

Parents, and teachers can enjoy  activities available within our app. The activities consist of:

  • Printable  worksheet for kids
  • Videos
  • Minigame

Each worksheet is properly categorized into themes and tagged to kids and learning development milestones. Educators can easily search for activities based on student development milestone that they wishes to work on particular day.

The skills cover within the app includes:

  • Language, Vocabulary and Literacy Skills
  • Math and Reasoning Skills
  • Motor Skills (Fine and Gross)
  • Scientific Enquiry
  • Social and Emotional Skills
  • Arabic language
  • Islamic Education


Subject based on ages
Milestone tracker

Each exercises are grouped into themes, some of the early themes that parent can have access to are:

  • All About Me
  • My Body
  • My Family
  • Alphabets
  • Number
  • Arabic
  • Pencil Control

With each themes will have 5 to 10 exercises consist of printable worksheets, videos and minigames. 

For teachers each exercises are pre-written with lesson plan where teacher can simply edit it and save it as reference.


Thematic exercise
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