Vegetables themed worksheet for kindergartens

Vegetables themed worksheet for kindergartens

Taste testing, comparing foods by sight and feel, colouring and math games are just a few!

I hope you enjoy the selection of activities and many more ways you can introduce fruits and vegetables to your students.

This is a great theme for a week or to incorporate information about fruits and vegetables throughout the year!

Colouring vegetables

Start with an exercise that will enhance their creativity with colouring exercises. Guide them to find the eright color for each vegetables, and take the opportunity to teach them the name of the vegetables.

For younger kindergarteners, you may share our pencil control exercises. Teach them how to draw simple vegetables, start with the bottom part of the worksheets, once they manage to draw according to dotted line, they can proceed drawing the entire vegetable.

Classing exercise

And to finish, some logic thinking and fine motor skill exercise. 

Share this worksheet with kids for them to sort and classify the vegetables on the same group. We include scissor control exercises in this activities at the end, they need to identify which group has the most vegetables and which one has the least

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For more activities on vegetables, download Kiddy2U app and you will enjoy new contents every week.

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