Juz Amma Tracker

Juz Amma Tracker

Does your child fail to improve with their reading of the Quran? Are they getting bored in their lessons? Are they taking even the simplest Surahs for ever to memorize? Are you worried that your child does not form a loving relationship with Allah ‘s book?

Counting for first impressions. And the first encounter your child has with the Quran will set the stage for how they will encounter the Quran in their lives to come. So which parent wouldn’t want this experience to be the best it could possibly be?

Juz Amma Tracker makes learning the Quran fun, inviting and easy. It reads out pages and plays games so that kids can learn independently, build trust and have fun while learning. By visualizing results and celebrating small wins it speeds up reading progress and memorization.

Here are just a few of the features in this beautiful book that get all the details on the point:

  • The roles of Kiitab include English translations of each verse, so that your child can understand what they recite.
  • This book includes the same color codes used by Tajweed in the world-famous Madinah Uthmani Script Mushaf.
  • We have also included a beautifully illustrated spread to explain meaning of words.

Click on the link above to obtain your Juz Amma Tracer. May the first Quran experience for your child get off to a flying start.

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