Resources to teach alphabet to children

Resources to teach alphabet to children

Kiddy2U wishes to share our  alphabet posters that parents can print to be used to teach alphabets and vocabularies to your kids.

Suitable for 2-5 years olds, it can be used as an aid to encourage kids to achieve the following milestones:

1) For 2-3 years old:

  • Recognize alphabets
  • Recognize sounds of the alphabets. 

2) 3-5 years old:

  • Recognize words related to each of the alphabets.
  • For older kids, challenge them by asking them “What is other words from letter A?”

You may use the following guide to teach:

  1. Print or present the alphabet posters to the kids.
  2. Introduce letters and words of each alphabets
  3. Randomly quiz kids on the alphabets, and words of the alphabets.

You may want to you Alphabet song to aid you when teaching this topic to your kids. Or for those who are looking for Islamic based vocabularies, you may check out our  previous post : A-Z Ramadan vocabularies

In addition to this exercise, you may also accompany this with letter recognition and letter writing exercise.

These exercises are made available for parent through our Kiddy2U app! Kiddy2u is an app that will provide you with thematic resources, which are tagged to child development milestones. It is your one stop resources to teach your students and kids.

Here are some sneak preview on our soon to be launched app!

Thematic exercise
Subject based on ages
Milestone tracker

Let us know if you wish to have early access of the app!

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