The Ramadhan Alphabet

The Ramadhan Alphabet

Kiddy2U worksheet for this week, can be shared with children or students in the classroom.
Suitable for children 4-5 years old.
1) Print this worksheet.
2) Teach the children about the letter regarding Ramadan.
3) Then, followed by Ramadan activities
Learning objective:
3. Reading Skills
3.1 Recognize and match pictures with words

Watch Islamic related series or cartoons

Thanks to Youtube, we can access worldwide materials and cartoons, some of famous cartoons in Malaysia includes Upin and Ipin. Take this chance to teach your children vocabularies related to the month of Ramadan such as: fitrah, tarawih, nuzul and for older kids, share with them historical events of Ramadan: Battle of Badr, Nuzul Al Quran, the opening of Mecca.

For more worksheets, videos and minigames can be found today’s Kiddy2U app. Just download it on Google Play and Appstore and contact us to get an account for your kindergarten and nursery.

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