Islamic Worksheet – Ramadan good deeds

Islamic Worksheet – Ramadan good deeds

Kiddy2U would like to share 28 Good Deeds on 28 Days Ramadan worksheet, worksheet that can be used in Islamic Education subject. 

In this worksheet parents or teachers can use to explain all the good deeds that children can do during Ramadan. Parents or Teachers can use this worksheet using the following guide:

  1. Teach students or children meaning of each good deeds.
  2. Encourage children/students to perform the good deeds, if children already performed them, cross or tick from the list
  3. If possible, reward children if all the good deeds have been performed.
Teaching good deeds during Ramadan

Insya Allah hopefully during this holy month, our kids will not only learn how to fast but also the importance of doing good deeds. And let’s pray that it will become habits for them after Ramadan period.

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