Ablution (Wudu) Exercise for kids

Ablution (Wudu) Exercise for kids

Making Wudu is one of the essential skills that a Muslim needs to learn, as it is a pre-requisite to perform Salah. Kiddy2U would like to share with you an exercise to teach the young one to perform Wudu.

You may print directly this exercise and the suggestion activity is as follows:

  1. Teacher reads  together with children the instruction to perform wudu.
  2. Children cut the bottom part of the worksheet and paster the picture in the correct instruction.
  3. For kids 5 years old and above, you may perform the ablution with kids.
It is important not to force the kids, here are some guides what to teach based on their age:

4 to 5 years old
Identify body part for ablution

5 to 7 years old

Read the intention of wudu
Remember steps of performing wudu
Perform wudu.

Hopefully this resource will help teach your children, students, friends or family how to perform Wudu! It is also a helpful guide for new Muslims who could use a visual guide.


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