Ramadan worksheet for kids

Ramadan worksheet for kids

Ramadan worksheet for kids is based on original article from Anak2U – Ajar anak anda puasa dengan seronok

Ramadan has arrived! Unlike previous year, this year will be a new challenge for parents as the responsibility to educate and explain the concept of Ramadan lays in the hand of parents, instead of teachers due to the worldwide epidemic that we faces, in most of the countries, schools, kindergartens and even mosques are closed during this period. Parents should take this opportunity to share to their kids the meaning of Ramadan,  train them to fast and also doing good deeds during the period. Here are some of the tips that we would like to share with you

Encourage to fast slowly and steady.

Depending children’s age,  parents can teach the children to fast in phases, for example start by fasting for 1-2 hours, then half a day, or try to cope with hunger before fasting fully.

Parents can use Kiddy2U calendars to motivate their children to do better than the day before, use calendars to record their kids’ performance for example breaking time each day or having a successful fast.

ramadan calendar worksheet for kids

Teach them time and prayer time

Children who fast will be more sensitive to time as they can’t wait for Maghrib time, it is the best time to teach children about the concept of time and numbers. Children may often ask “how much time do we have to break up”, take advantage of the opportunity to teach children how to read the clock, and figure out how long it will be before they open, ask them “How many hours more until break fast time?”

For children 5 years old and older, they can begin to practice the concept of prayer time, for example using words like ‘Now we just finished Zohor prayer , in 2 hours Asar, then Maghrib’

Teach intention of Iftar and Iftar prayer

Take this opportunity to teach kids the intention of fasting.You may use the Kiddy2U intention of Iftar worksheet and paste it next to their bed or dining table so that together they can read the intention everyday.

You may teach the intention in English (or native language) first before teaching the arabic version.

ramadan intention fasting worksheet for kids
ramadan iftar prayer worksheet for kids

Watch Islamic related series or cartoons

Thanks to Youtube, we can access worldwide materials and cartoons, some of famous cartoons in Malaysia includes Omar Hana, Upin and Ipin.

Take this chance to teach your children vocabularies related to the month of Ramadan such as: fitrah, tarawih, nuzul and for older kids, share with them historical events of Ramadan: Battle of Badr, Nuzul Al Quran, the opening of Mecca.

Using Kiddy2U app, we provide early education materials not only related to Ramadan but other topic as well and it comprise of all aspects and subjects: Language, cognitive skills, creativity skills, Islamic education, Arabic and English. Contact us if you would like to have an access to the application.

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